Every shape seems to deduce from a peculiar history. Some are a product of two fusing frames; others appear to have genes from three different parties. Daring material combinations alongside delicate colour tint transitions result into an unexpected 3dimensionality. Brushed and polished finishes reveal the materials' multiple personalities.


The VOLUME collection is elaborated like a piece of sculpture. Mini visors appear on closer inspection.
Colour combinations are carefully chosen and exclusively laminated. 8mm thick bars are combined with thin circles.


The COMPOSITION collection is characterised by material combinations and strong shapes.
Acetate pieces are inserted into the metal frame without screws. It is a composition of material and gaps, bronze and acetate.


The INTERSPACE Collection is drawn with thin and precise lines, which seem to frame the air itself. It is the space in-between that defines the shape.
They are made of milled Bronze CuSn6 sheets.


All sunglasses have high-end protective, anti-reflective sunlenses. We established a co-branding collaboration with Zeiss.